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My biggest achievement since I joined KOCO was after I had completed my first jumper. I checked the fit, the measurements and it was absolutely correct. I was so happy and proud. When I made that achievement and when I am learning, I feel bold and confident.

I love working with all the women; they are all super women! I have learned a lot of things, not only knitting, like how to speak for myself when we are sharing ideas in a team and work together.

With my earnings I would like to buy a washing machine because washing clothes takes up so much time. I have to get up early to manage my time and do all my house works. I would also like to build my own house and rule my house. I am saving some of my earnings while also paying for my son’s school fees and our other family expenses.

I really enjoy the knitting. Seeing a garment start from one stitch to a beautiful piece is making me feel I am achieving good result for our company and for our customers.

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