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I have worked at KOCO since 2013 and in that time I have learned many things. I am a more responsible person, I have confidence and courage. I understood this confidence and courage when I became a single mother and I knew I could still face the world because everyone at my work gave me strength.

When our Australian team is working in India I receive a big hug every day. It makes me feel happy and feel some motherly love.

With the money I am earning, I am able to send my children to a private school and I am saving money to complete building our home.

The best thing to happen to me at work was to make a cardigan for Danielle, our CEO, to wear when she talks to people about our company.

If I saw someone wearing something I made I would say, ‘This is my work and I feel very happy to see you with my garment. Please refer your friends.’

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