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Before joining KOCO I was a tailor at home for 20 years. I have experience in clothing but the work was only sometimes so I was not always earning money. I joined KOCO to learn new things and because it is full-time work.

We live in a hut and it is always messy because of the leaves on the roof. It would be my dream to build my own house.

The work I am doing for KOCO is changing my family’s circumstances. I can have food regularly, and it is good food. I have two children and we can pay their school fees. I am getting a lot of respect from my family because I am a working woman.

I am learning time management at KOCO, like how to break down time into segments so I can get all my work completed. I love working with this company because it is empowering women. It makes me feel important.

If I saw someone wearing something made by me I would run towards them and say, this was made by me and it makes me feel so happy to see you wearing it.

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