Goal 1: Energy - Go solar 2019

While our electricity consumption is barely more than an average household, we do rely on fuel generators to provide power during frequent blackouts in the villages.

We will investigate partnering with a renewable energy company to help our hubs power our lights and other electrical needs.

In late 2018 we were contacted by a person with skills in recycling and renewable energy to work with us in a voluntary capacity and investigate how we achieve our solar objective.

Our goal is to provide solar power for our handknitting hubs and for the homes of the ladies who work for us.

Goal 2: Environment - Plastic is not fantastic by 2020

Most of our yarn arrives in clear plastic bags inside cardboard boxes. We also ship our garments in the same way. We have started to offer clients an organic cotton cloth bag alternative for an extra $1.

By 2020 our goal is to make plastic history in our handknitting hubs.

Goal 3: Business - Independence for our business and our ladies

In 2021 our goal is to give our business greater stability and independence. We have established career pathways and training for ladies who wish to advance in the company. Our ladies learn mathematics and to read English as part of their early training in handknitting. When they become full-time handknitters, their learning continues in English, mathematics, business management and learning 21st-century technology. Our ladies can take on greater responsibility for themselves and our company. We are setting up systems to ensure KOCO is a growing, sustainable business in the global market.

The skills we pass on to our ladies are varied and not only help our company but also give greater personal independence as they manage the budget, the future needs of their families, and gain access to global information via technology.