Our Story

KOCO is a B Corps-certified production house offering premium brands and luxury designers a human-empowering solution to hand-knit production.

It all began at age ten when the founder of KOCO Danielle Chiel fell in love with the art of knitting. It was her Great Aunt Pearl who passed down the passion. Fascinated by the endless possibilities of the needles, the warmth and love of a hand-knitted sweater and the indulgent texture of the wool, Danielle was hooked.

Danielle pursued her passion for high-end handknitting launching her self-titled label and opening a store in Sydney. Knitting artisans were employed to produce her designer garments. 
Legislation changes in the manufacturing industry in Australia meant, for many fashion houses, making garments locally was no longer financially viable. Danielle investigated overseas options. A colleague introduced her to a contact in India. Danielle was welcomed by her first ten knitters with such warmth she quickly established her first knitting hub in rural southern India.
When she began to tell the story of her business to fellow entrepreneurs, their awed response to the difference employment in remote village is making to the lives of people who work in her handknitting hubs, Danielle's business grew to embrace a new name - KOCO. It stands for Knit One (garment) Change One (life). Now a number of the world's fashion brands have joined the KOCO movement and regularly have their clothes handmade by highly skilled artisans living in rural southern India.

With expert artisans expertly handcrafting each individual item of clothing, KOCO knows the importance of recognising these women, their talents and the human-powered production process and business model. This is why KOCO offer tours so others can meet and live with some of the artisans. Danielle is proud of these women and want them to be recognised for what they do, which is why KOCO continues to be a socially-aware and ethically-minded company that not only improves the lives of women and their families, but produces some of the best in hand-knitted clothing. Join the KOCO movement. Be part of something that is changing lives.