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I used to work at a pen company but the salary, along with my husband’s salary, was not enough to manage our family. The hours were long and I couldn’t manage my children’s studies with my work.

Now I work full-time for KOCO and I can manage our family. I see changes in myself since joining here. I feel that my mind is free so I have some confidence about my future.

I left school a at the age of 12 and I am learning so much at KOCO, like English which I didn’t know before. I believe that what I am learning and they type of work I am doing will give me a good position in my village. I will be more respected.

My co-workers are so friendly and patient to teach me knitting that I feel very happy and comfortable.

If I met someone wearing a garment made by me, I would seek their permission to introduce them to my family.

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