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I used to work in a pen company. The hours were long and the salary was very low. I always worried about my family being poor. Since I joined KOCO I can contribute to my family and we are all happier now.

Before joining KOCO I was a quiet and person. I didn’t talk to new people because I was nervous. I am learning how to communicate with others. Everyone here is polite and respectful. When I make a mistake, our leaders sit with me to teach in a careful way. This makes me feel good and not afraid about asking questions. I have learned to be very clear so I can do my best work.

With the money I am earning, I can pay for our groceries and save for my future children. I love to travel, so it’s my dream to travel the world with my family.

If I could meet someone wearing a garment made by me, I would feel very happy and try to express that to her.

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