I joined KOCO in 2013 as an experienced knitter and I am now the leader of a village handknitting hub.

I was so proud to be promoted to leader and have learned so much working here. I now see myself as a responsible person, I love interacting with others and my family has learned to help at home so I can be at work on time.

I have grown as a person working here and enjoy learning about leadership from Danielle. I have a strong bond with the ladies here and I always feel happy when I am around them. We all help each other.

Seeing more ladies come to work for us and the type of garments we are handknitting become more varied makes me proud.

With the money I am earning from KOCO, I am able to send my two children to a private school, which is the best one in the district. Actually, there are many ladies in our team who are able to send their children to better schools because of their full time work at KOCO.

If I was to meet someone wearing a garment made by me or someone in my team I would ask, ‘Is this comfortable for you’ because I would want that person to feel good about wearing this item.

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