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I was home maker before coming to work at KOCO. I liked that but I am not going to be able to fulfil my dream of building our own house and giving our children a good education if I don’t earn a salary.

I am fortunate to have knitting work in my village because it is stable income and I enjoy it so much.

I am saving money each week for us to be able to build our home and also to buy new saris for me.

The biggest change for our family since I started working full time is that my husband shares the house work. Together we are managing our time to make sure we all get to work and school on time every day.

I enjoy interacting with foreigners when they come to visit us as we knit. I like learning English to be able to speak with them.

If I saw someone wearing something I made I would feel very happy. It makes me happy every day when I think that people around the world are wearing the things I make.

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