KOCO is a global enterprise based in Sydney with knitting hubs throughout rural southern India processing orders from 1-10,000 items. Small and large volumes of garments are made to uniform specifications and shipped anywhere across the globe.

Koco Knitting


  1. Email your designs/patterns, or we can design and write the patterns for you.
  2. KOCO will send a knitted sample garment to confirm it meets your requirements.
  3. KOCO will email you the price and timeline for the production of further garments.
  4. You pay half the cost of your order.
  5. KOCO will contact you when the order is ready.
  6. You pay the remaining cost of your order.
  7. Notification will be sent when the garments are shipped.
  8. It takes one woman one month to knit a garment. But the size of KOCO's artisan hubs means large volume orders can be met quickly.

If you have any further questions or want to know more, please feel free to contact us.


1.  We have a non-disclosure policy and because of this we are unable to say exactly who we knit for. We knit for the top brands of the world and this is a discreet process. Also, because of this policy, we cannot display photographs of any garments we knit.

2.  We also knit to your design which means we can’t send any of our previously made samples. This is because any samples we have previously knitted belong to the property of that brand.

3.  We can take care of your yarn purchasing too as we deal directly with the mills for many customers.