At KOCO we are aware how many brands and designers out there not only care but also how much time and costs they have to allocate to their production and branding to show their consumers and followers the causes the brand supports and prove they care. We want to alleviate all that. By adding our brand you can simply direct your consumer to KOCO and focus on what you do best.


We all know the high cost of hand knitting and yarns, but by removing the margins and costs you spend on researching, showing and proving your fair trade KOCO is immediately competitive.

KOCO is a global enterprise. Headquartered in Sydney and knitting hubs in Southern India, the company can satisfy orders across the world. The KOCO process has been refined to ensure large volumes of garments are made to uniform specifications and that delivery commitments are met.

Koco Knitting


  1. You mail your designs/patterns to us (if you are supplying) or we can design and write the patterns for you.
  2. We send you a knitted sample garment. You confirm it meets your requirements.
  3. We email you the price and timeline for the production of further garments.
  4. You pay half the cost of your order.
  5. We contact you to let you know when the order is ready.
  6. You pay the remaining half of the cost of your order.
  7. We post the garments to you, and let you know when this has been done.
  8. It takes one woman one month to knit a garment. But the size of KOCO's artisan hubs means large volume orders can be met relatively quickly.

 For decades brands like Lycra, Woolmark, Fairtrade and Goretex have sat alongside leading designers and brands to show quality. KOCO can offer its full on branding with swing ticket, label and story or work with you for a more discrete approach so as not to distract from your brand. On your website you can either add a key point KOCO page to your website or the consumer can find our website to read the full story. 

KOCO’s founder Danielle Chiel has designed the whole concept. The real aim of KOCO is exactly what it says Knit One (garment) Change One (life). Danielle’s experience in hand knits started when she was 10 and she went on to sell her designs from her own store Threads & More, that went on to become Australia’s largest independent knitting store. Danielle has been meticulous in the delivery of KOCO.