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Working with KOCO is about more than knitting. We are all learning many things.

For me, before I joined KOCO is didn’t schedule anything which meant housework was done not very actively or with care. Now I know how to plan ahead and do things in the best way.

When I completed my first jumper work, after I finished my training, that was the best thing for me because I felt accomplished. I can do this!

We have seven people in our household and struggled with debt issues. Now we are more comfortable and I can have some dreams, like to own our own house and car. I have two children and I can pay for their school fees without worry. The handknitting hub is in my village which means I can balance my time equally between work and family. This is good for me.

I feel very happy because daily I am learning new things.

If I saw someone wearing something made by me I would ask if it makes them feel happy and to give many orders to my company.

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