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Working with KOCO is making me happy and bringing smile to my lips. I lost my husband and daughter. All our family was crying a lot and worrying about our future. Now we can have a normal life because I joined here.

I was worried when I first started. I didn’t go to school and I didn’t have any knowledge of knitting. I have discovered that I can learn new things for my future.

I used to work at a towel company as a helper. I had to ride a bicycle to work which pained my knees and I felt sad about my health. Now I can walk to work because this company is in my village. I feel healthy.

My earnings is helping me very much. My other child is grown and married. When I lost my husband I had no one to help me run my life. I couldn’t even eat. Now my earnings are mine only and I feel comfortable. I can pay my rent and groceries, all expenses.

If I saw someone wearing something made by me I would treasure that moment.

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