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I didn’t have much confidence when I joined KOCO. Knitting was new to me and I was afraid I would not be able to to a good job without knowledge. I was encouraged by all the ladies and I learned all the stitches, that was the best thing for me.

I feel confident that I can learn new things and I don’t have any hesitation.

Before I started working at KOCO I used to do all the house works and cooking with no help from my children. I did some part time work at a wall paper company. Now that I have full time work, I am teaching my children to help around the house. This helps me manage my time and also teaches them to be more responsible. As a result of working at KOCO I have learned how to manage time and organise other people.

I am happy to work with KOCO because of the friendly environment. It’s like a family. All help each other.

I feel proud that my work is being sold in other countries. It makes me feel connected to people outside my village.

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