our mission





By giving women living in rural southern India equal access to the global marketplace.


Artisans complete a paid seven-month apprenticeship during which they receive full mentoring to master their hand-knitting. They also acquire English and skills in mathematics. After much encouragement and support our mentors decide if a woman’s knitting skills are honed, ready to become an artisan. They are then invited to be part of the KOCO team. Most women end up working for us. KOCO artisans develop personal power, confidence and financial independence as a result.


Our artisans feel empowered in KOCO's nurturing work environment and by their financial stability. In a lot of cases, the income these women earn helps them support and improve their own, and their children's lives. We see many women free from a life of poverty and financial hardship because of the KOCO initiative. Our goal is to change the lives of 41,555 women. Currently, we employ and empower over 100.


This is where you, the brand or the designer come in. Now we’ve Changed One, we need you to help us Knit One...million. KOCO’s marketing will reach 1000’s of designers and brands and we supply all the resources needed for our knitters to produce and deliver your creations. We want to work with you to continue changing the lives of others while making high quality hand-knitted fashions and homewares.