KOCO means Knit One (garment), Change One (life).

KOCO employs women in rural villages of southern India. Many of these women had little formal education and no employment opportunities outside seasonal labour work. 



In training to become one of our artisans, each person completes a paid seven-month apprenticeship where she learns the art and science of handknitting, English and mathematics skills, time management and communication skills. By the end of the apprenticeship the artisan can confidently knit a whole garment, from start to finish. She can knit one garment, we’ve changed one life. KOCO artisans are trained to handknit to exacting specifications, for catwalk-ready fashions, huggable toys, luxurious homewares and anything you can imagine. Every fashion piece and soft homeware we hand-knit comes with this empowering story.

KOCO's mission is to employ 40,000 women in rural southern India, breaking negative economic cycles and ensuring the future viability of village life. To achieve this, we need to knit one million garments each year. 

Be part of this mission.  

KOCO is reaching out to brands who value handmade products, quality merchandise, and wholesome solutions to manufacturing. Connecting with us shows your customers you’re genuine about making a difference in the lives of the people who make your products. Connecting with us means your brand stands with like-minded leaders who are bringing a new definition to the term ‘value for money’ by recognising the customer and the maker as equals in the production process.