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The handknitting I do at KOCO means I earn enough money to make sure my two children are educated fully. I was ten years old when I finished school.

I was a house wife when I joined KOCO. My life now is very active. Before working full-time I think I was slow doing housework, but now I wake up early and to my work at home very actively. I am also respected in my family because I am earning money to cover our school fees and groceries.

Knitting is so interesting because each garment is so different. I am learning all the time, not only knitting but double checking work and managing time.

My dream in life is to buy a new house.

What I like most about KOCO is the sisterhood; we all share our happiness and sadness, we love each other.

If I saw someone wearing a garment I made I would ask if they like my work and I would say, ‘please suggest this garment to your friends and give me more orders!’

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