My dream is to give my children a good education. I finished school in fifth grade, when I was 10.

This dream will come true because I work at KOCO. I am learning how to save money which I will use for my three children’s future. My income is also supporting the seven family members who live in our household. Before I worked at KOCO we depended on my husband’s salary only.

I am also learning time management and how to interact with people in a professional way. My family is now helping out with the house work so that I can get to work on time. I don’t have to do the house work by myself anymore.

I love my job. The ladies at work are like my family. I feel so comfortable and happy when I am knitting.

If I saw someone wearing a garment handknitted by me I would say, “I hope you like my work. I feel very proud and happy to see you with my garment.” I would take a picture to show everyone I know.

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