Before joining KOCO, I worked on agriculture land for 20 years. I joined here in 2015 and I am a happy woman. I used to work under sunlight every day and it was difficult, tiring work. Now I work indoors and I am learning many new things.

I feel most happy when I finish a garment and get a new one to handknit.

I used to have to borrow money for my family’s expenses. Now, I can manage just from my salary. My husband an I don’t fight about money anymore.

I left school at age 10. Now I am learning again with knitting and from my colleagues, things like the internet and about the world. I am also learning to manage my time at home and at knitting.

My dream is to be able to give my three children a good life.

If I met someone wearing a sweater hand-knitted by me I would say, “I knitted this. Do you like my work?”

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