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I was a home maker before joining KOCO. We lived on my husband’s earnings only. Before I was earning money, I felt I couldn’t go against my husband, but now I feel confident to raise any question to him because I am also working. I feel equal to him.

I like knitting very much. I started with KOCO in 2018 and when the production leader approved my first jumper, I felt so proud. It was the best moment. I want to learn everything about knitting so that I can knit any project for our company with confidence.

I’m always learning new things here. We do new things every day. Every jumper has a different style and it makes me feel happy to learn new things with knitting. Also I’ve learned to use new technologies, like my mobile phone.

If I saw someone wearing something I made it would really be the best moment in my life. I would feel happy and proud.

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