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I love working at KOCO so much. Learning to handknit was the first thing I have learned for myself, my own choosing. Whenever I take knitting needles in my hand, I feel happy. After my training period, I got to handknit a jumper and when I finished it was the best feeling.

I am helping to support six people in my family with my salary from KOCO.

To be organised, I am making simple, light meals instead of heavy meals. This is quicker and also better for our health. Working full time has taught me to be organised and I have learned to make friendships. Before joining KOCO, I was quiet and reserved. Now, I feel free to talk to anyone.

My dream is to live one healthy life, free of disease. My income helps with my family’s medical expenses and I am saving a little of my salary for my grandchildren’s future.

If I met someone wearing a jumper I made I would say, “This is very beautiful on you. I am the one who made it.”

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