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Before becoming a handknitter at KOCO, I worked the land on our farm. But we were not making enough money.

We are now able to cover our expenses and send our two children to a private school. I can also afford to by new clothes for myself.

I left school at age 12. At my knitting work I am enjoying learning again, not only knitting but English words and number skills.

I am a very organised person now. I work full-time, so I get up early to do all my works very actively and my family is following my time management skills. My dream in life is to travel to Singapore. Because I am earning money we will be able to do some travel.

The best thing that has happened to me was after I finished learning to knit, I was given my first set of garments to produce. I felt very proud I could do it.

If I saw someone wearing something I made I would say, “I handknitted this. Do you like it?”

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