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Imagine if you could change lives by choosing KOCO to produce your next range of garments


Imagine eating a piece of cake. Feel the texture and taste that homemade treat.
Now, imagine the cake was made in a factory and bought at the supermarket.

The texture, flavour and experience is different.

This contrast is the same for handknitted and machine-made clothing.
Imagine your brand only offered factory, machine-made experiences for customers.


We connect people through handknitting.

We connect brands with our handknitters and customers around the world.

Bringing women together to work at our handknitting hubs is building strong sisterhoods.


Handknitting is transforming the lives of our artisans and their families. Our ladies work full-time and earn a stable income in a supportive environment.

The quality garments handknitted by our artisans are the result of many hours of technique analysis; much like the fine-tuning made by professional athletes to reach the top of their game.

We handknit one-off designs and commercial quantities of garments.

Producing handknitted garments in a transparent manner is also transforming the fashion industry.

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Global Goals and big dreams

Handknits Pty Ptd is an Australian company employing women in rural Tamil Nadu, India.

We are now a sisterhood of artisans and a business with the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development entwined in our DNA. Our company is certified by B Corp and recognised as a leading artisan producer by Common Objective.

We are KOCO - Knit One (garment) Change One (life).

We employ more than 200 women. Our goal is to be the largest, all-girl business in India.

In each village we are breaking economic and education cycles. The women we employ are gaining financial independence.

Families can afford to educate both their sons and daughters. Children see a shift in gender equality modelled in their family life.

We are building a strong business of women producing quality handknitted garments for fashion brands and consumers.

We are building a business of strong women.


Handknitting experts and beautiful stories

KOCO attracts talent

We work with designers and brands to create handknitted fashions and homewares. Each handknit is meticulously and personally produced, from the first stitch to the last by our ladies and comes with an engaging story.

Delve deeper

Brands, designers and fashion lovers can meet our ladies and see how KOCO is making a difference.

Each handknitted item comes with a swing tag featuring the photo of our artisan who made that piece, her signature, and a QR code. Scan the QR code with a smartphone to read about the lady who handknitted that particular item.

We aim to enable the person who wears the garment feel the same joy that our knitter had in making it.

Find out more about the swing tags - click here

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Let’s talk about adding a handknit to your next collection

Click here to download the How We Work document which details our production process.

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