Our Environmental Impact and Goals

One of our seven KOCO principles is that we are a transparent, sustainable business transforming lives and working towards the United Nations Goals for Sustainable Development.

We align with the sustainable development goals, because it’s entwined in our DNA naturally and we are telling the world this is the way we operate. Our commitment to high social and environmental standards is also recognised by our B Corp certification.

On the ground in India, we produce garments by hand. There is no machine intervention in our production and therefore no carbon footprint left by our process.

We work to ensure there is no waste generated in the handknitting of our garments.

We handknit garments to a high, exacting standard. We do clear calculations on the quantity of yarn for samples and for garment production. All yarn used for teaching new knitters is reused or re-purposed.

Packaging, in which yarn arrives, is re-used. When we ship our finished garments, we have started to offer our clients an organic, open mesh cloth packaging. We aim to make plastic history at our handknitting hubs by 2020.

We used water for drinking and hygiene purposes only. This means there is no water used in our manufacturing process.

We don’t use any chemicals in the handknitting of garments.

Most customers, when requesting cotton garments, request organic. We deliver.

We support the transport companies that are available in India’s rural towns. By using local businesses, we are providing the opportunity for their business growth as we grow.

While our electricity use is minimal, only lights and fans, we are investigating solar panel installation at our hubs and villages.