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Knitting is my passion. I learned to knit from my neighbour when I was 15.

Before joining KOCO I worked in a company on quality control. It was not a good fit for my family, we could not manage our finances, and I was not happy.

My life has changed since coming to work at KOCO. My family now has money to buy great food and clothing. Before, I would need to depend on my husband for money because my other work was not enough.

I am now very active because I feel happier. I’m more organised. I get everything ready for my children the night before and get up earlier so I can start work on time - I want to be with the other knitters as much as possible. I love knitting all the different things like shawls, jumper, beanies, and I am always learning new things. I am very happy here because I forget all my sorrows and enjoy my knitting.

My dream is to send my children to a private school. I attended school until the 6th grade and I want my children to have the best possible education.

If I met someone wearing something I had made I would be very glad and proudly say to them - ‘This was made by me'.

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