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Devi I

Before working at KOCO I was a home maker. I now work full-time at KOCO and I love it.

I have learned so much from working at KOCO. I see myself changing a lot.

Before I came here not knowing anything about the environment, how to relate with different people, everyone has different feelings, now I have come to know those things. I also have more confidence now compared to before. I feel I can do anything and there is nothing I can’t do.

I learnt to be punctual. There is so much to learn about knitting also. I came here not knowing anything. Now, I am amazed that I am also doing such a great job in knitting, even I can knit.

Then I learnt how to manage people and doing stocktake. I look after the yarn stock room now. I need to find the yarn for everyone as well as do my own knitting. It’s a bigger responsibility.

Before working at KOCO I was mainly thinking about the next expense we had to meet and how we would be able to pay. Now I know how to plan our expenses with the income I am earning.

I can now dream about the future. I have two dreams. One is a bit silly – I would like to travel to another country in an aeroplane. The other dream is to finish building our house. We need to finish the flooring, steps and install electricity.

Because I am working at KOCO, I know we will be able to pay to have our house finished and that makes me feel so proud.

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