Business manifesto & sustainability

Imagine if handknitting was the new language of global connection. Our mission is to handknit the world together. We change lives in rural villages in southern Tamil Nadu, India, by educating and employing women to handknit for global fashion brands. We connect makers, brands and consumers through handknitting.

Our principles:

1.      We make 100% handknitted garments

2.      Everything we do has to make a huge difference in people’s lives

3.      We don’t cut corners on quality, on our garments or giving people the opportunity to be the best version of themselves

4.      We work with seriously fantastic people

5.      We love what we do. We want to share handknitting with the world because it means love and care

6.      We treat everyone respectfully

7.      We are a transparent, sustainable business that transforms lives and works towards the United Nations Goals for Sustainable Development

We operate our for-profit company in a people-focused manner:

  • We invest our profits in the people who are growing our business – primarily our knitters in India

  • We drive sales to employ more women in India to give them education and stable full-time employment

  • Each handknitted item comes with a swing tag featuring: the photo of our artisan who made that piece, her signature and a QR code. By scanning the QR code with a smartphone, consumers can read about the lady who handknitted that particular item. Our aim is to have the person who wears the garment feel the same joy that our knitter had in making it

  • Brands can market their garments because of our transparent manufacturing process. We hope that every stitch our handknitters create captures the wearer’s heart

Our commercial success means we have changed lives through handknitting and the fashion industry. Before we established our handknitting hubs in the villages, women were unemployed, and only a handful of children went to school.

We are breaking the economic and education cycles in each village we enter. The women we employ are gaining financial independence and spending money in the villages on clothing, food, upgrading their housing, and on themselves to take greater pride in their appearance. Children are seeing this change modelled in their family life.

Our handknitting hubs welcome brands, industry representatives, volunteers and visitors to see how we operate. Our manufacturing process for the fashion industry is something brands can share with their customers because it connects makers and consumers.

We are building a highly skilled team of handknitters who love coming to work, are supported with counselling and ongoing training. We grow their skills and we produce exceptional handknitted garments for the fashion industry.

We support local businesses in Tamil Nadu for our freight needs from hub to port. Our marketing, stationery and other printing needs are also taken care of by a local business in Tamil Nadu. We believe in supporting local businesses where our hubs are based.

Our manufacturing process has minimal impact on the environment because our garments are handmade from the first stitch to the last, with no machine intervention. We consume electricity only for lighting and fan use in the hubs.

We are in discussions with our landlords about installing solar panels on the roofs of our handknitting hubs. Our next step is to investigate installing solar panels on the homes of our ladies.