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Before coming to knit at KOCO I was a home maker. My children all go to school and I wanted to spend my time in a useful way.

I love the colours and different kinds of yarn we knit and seeing the different garments people around the world wear which we make here.

I was a quiet person before working full time. I have realised I am active and brave and working with Danielle and the ladies showed me that.

We all talk together and we teach each other many skills. Before working, I was not very good at managing time. Now I wake earlier in the morning and plan my day to do as much as possible for my family. By seeing how I’m managing time, my family is also following my example.

My work is bringing money for my family. My three children go to a private school and my salary goes towards their education and our household expenses.

If I met someone wearing a garment made by me, firstly I would say, I am very glad to meet you and I just ask ‘this is my work, is this comfortable for you?’

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