My name is Arulmozhi.  

KOCO is my first job and I'm so happy here. I love knitting and I love to be at work with my friends. We help each other in our work. That makes me feel happy because I love learning new things and new ways of knitting.  

I am so happy and my income is making me feel like an important person in my village. I can see how KOCO is changing the women in our village. We are becoming more confident and able to speak for ourselves, not just do what we are told by our husbands or fathers or brothers. We are feeling more equal. Please share my story. 

Thank you for purchasing this garment I handknitted. I would love to see it on you! Could you please take a photo and share it via Facebook or Instagram? Here are the links and hashtags to include in your post:

Facebook: #KOCO #GlobalGoals #sisterhood #ExperienceConnectTransform #handknitted

Instagram: #KOCO #GlobalGoals #sisterhood #ExperienceConnectTransform #handknitted