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Knitting is my passion. I have 25 years experience in this field. Before joining KOCO I was working on handknits at home for another company. It was lonely working by myself. The work was not all the time so my income was only sometimes.

At KOCO the ladies celebrate together. If it’s someone’s birthday or wedding soon, we bring sweets to share over lunch. These are really amazing moments for me. I feel the ladies are my sisters.

Because I work with this team I feel I am a more confident and comfortable person now. My family has noticed this change in me and this recognition makes me feel important.

Before working at KOCO my family could rely only on my husband’s earnings. Without my earnings my children were suffering to lead a good daily life. I left school at the age of 12 years and I was worried that my children would face the same situation. I want to make sure my children are fully educated, that is my dream in life. I know we can achieve this now because I have good work at KOCO.

If I saw someone wearing a garment I had made, I would ask, ‘Do you like my work?’ I would feel so proud.


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