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The best thing that has happened to me was getting my job here. Before working for KOCO I was knitting for another company at home. I sat alone and if I had a question I couldn’t get help so my work became stuck. With KOCO we all discuss our questions and get help instantly so we can finish our work properly.

Before working here I was very shy. Now I love mingling with the other ladies. I understand what it means to work in a team. We all listen to each other’s ideas because all things are important.

For my family, my work means we can live without big debt. I used to have to borrow money for our household expenses and rent. Now I can manage it all and the fees for my two children to go to the private school.

I feel so happy working here because I love knitting and the environment is so friendly.

If I saw someone wearing a garment I had made, I would love to get a selfie with her.

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