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I didn’t go to school. It is my dream to give my children an educated life. I have two children and they go to a private college.

Working at KOCO means I am learning new things every day. I am learning words to pronounce and to write. I was new to knitting but everyone is so supportive I gain confidence.

If I was at home I wouldn’t interact with different kinds of people. At KOCO I have lots of new friends and sisters here, I like that.

The salary I earn here helps buy groceries and new clothes for my children. I used to do all the house work on my own. Now I wake up earlier and my family helps me to make sure I can get to work on time. They are very supportive.

If I saw someone wearing a garment made by me I would tell her that we are working in a women empowerment company and because of your purchase all our ladies are feeling happy. Please refer to your friends also.

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